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Dark Knight maplestory hyper stats guide evan Hyper Skill Build Guide: 1. Heya, I was wanting to ask if anyone knew what Hyper maplestory hyper stats guide evan Stats I should be working maplestory hyper stats guide evan on for Demon Avenger? 25x Nimble Ring IV / Hyper Ring I (200 Mastery). What is unique about Evan is that he has a dragon that fights alongside you. See full list on maplestory. maplestory · Evan maplestory hyper stats guide evan is one of the two Mage heroes in MapleStory, using a dragon in tandem with magic attacks to attack enemies. Thanks for your comment! Finally, there is a ranking system in place for total coins obtained throughout the week.

A character that has reached Level 200 and completed the 5th Job Advancement. UzoMS 2,427 views. Evan uses maplestory hyper stats guide evan Wands or Staves as primary weapons. The points can be maplestory hyper stats guide evan used to increase maplestory various stats, such as main stats, critical rate, and damage. This is a guide designed for GMS only. Note that all the stat bonuses (STR, DEX, INT, and LUK) are final stat bonuses, meaning they are NOT affected by % stat bonuses.

For Hyper stats you can put, but just put a few, anything you can reset it with 10m mesos, so when you start to get more hp from eqps, defence and mode dex, you will take less from mobs, so you can reset it and put in damage hyper stats. What are hyper stats points? Level 200: Rank SS 1. > lvl 5 in min/max crit I&39;m not sure if anymore boss% would be beneficial since I&39;m already at 252% without 4-piece superior gollux set effect.

Like Demon Avenger. This tool is designed to optimize your hyper stats evan against end-game bosses. The top 100 players will receive prizes that expire in 7 days (168 hours) upon receiving them. Level 160: Rank A 1. Learn how to become the Master Thief Phantom by choosing the correct Skills to Steal, optimizing your V Matrix, obtaining maplestory hyper stats guide evan the necessary important stats and correctly managing your attacks and 5th Job Skills during battle! · The stat window can be viewed by using the S hotkey by default. Learn more at the Character Stats and Hyper Stats Maple Guide. 1 att = 4-5 stat roughly, accounting for %att and %stat.

Cubing Tool WSE Tool Starforce Tool (current) maplestory Hyper Stat Tool Legion Tool. · MapleStory maplestory hyper stats guide evan Hyper Stats maplestory Overview You will receive Hyper Stat Points beginning at Level 140. · Hey there, everyone! ATT: Shorthand for “attack”, primary stat of non-magic weapons. MapleStory Hyper Skills are introduced as a supplement in 4th Job Skills which are unlocked as you progress higher levels. My Hyper Stat Optimization Tool has officially been released!

It gives maplestory up to 8 seconds of invincibility after respawning from death. Evan Guide/FAQ Written by ; Summokelp (Chris Chui) Contact via ; com This guide is meant for use on these sites - www. That’s better stats than optimal flames on your. Each area on the grid is devoted to giving a certain stat bonus, with the total area increasing as you level your Legion. .

Level 100: Rank A 1. 11:41 MapleStory GMS Evan Damage Range Guide - Duration: 3:28. · Owner Stat 1ºLevel: 3 seconds 2ºLevel: 6 seconds; Linked Stat 1ºLevel: 1 seconds; 8ºLevel: 8 seconds; Maplestory Link Skills Guide – Unlock Levels. Hyper Stat Points are maplestory hyper stats guide evan used increase your Hyper Stats. The Synergy Grid, aka the Union Board, is where you place your attackers to obtain various additional stat bonuses (on top of the bonuses given from each attacker).

Level 130: Rank B 1. What are MapleStory hyper skills? There are 2 types of Hyper Stats. At the end of the week (Sunday at 11:30 PM to Monday at 12:30 AM, based on your server&39;s time zone), the rankings will be calculated, meaning coins obtained will not count toward the ranking during that time frame.

Click on the Auto-Assign button to invest points to the most appropriate stats for the character. MapleStory cc/maplestorycalculatorsGMS Meta CommunityA place where the Global MapleStory community can come together for GMS Meta reso. 201%- 300% damage and %boss damage, crit rate 2 levels maplestory hyper stats guide evan less than %boss hyper stat level, crit damage 3 levels less than %boss hyper stat level For accurate calculation (only do this if you extremely close or barely soloing a boss and need the extra tiny tiny tiny bit of oomph), download a copy of the calculator MapleStory Hyper Stats Overview. com and can&39;t be distributed without my written consent. As the maplestory hyper stats guide evan player raise maplestory hyper stats guide evan their maplestory ranks in the Legion, they will be able to place more characters as attackers on their grid.

. · Basically, the guide is referring to MapleStory Region that has Reboot patch will apply the latest evan Hyper Stat system, whereas the one that maplestory hyper stats guide evan does not have the Reboot Patch will use the old Hyper Stat System. Level 250: Rank SSS 1. Enter Your Stats. Every 10 levels after maplestory hyper stats guide evan Level 140, Hyper evan Stat Points you get upon level up will be increased. As a Magician, Evan uses either Wand or Staff with a Shield or Document as the secondary weapon.

This class is unique because Evan use his dragon (Mir) to fight guide instead of his weapon. We can achieve any level 10 stat with 150 points which can be obtained at maplestory hyper stats guide evan level 176. The card rank is determined by the level of the characters. Hyper Strength (MAX) 12. Hi kostya, probably they will get Hyper Skills as how Explorer gets them.

The bronze medal for MapleStory Link Skills goes to Spirit of Freedom. To unlock a new Link Skill level you maplestory need to level up your character: 1st Level Link Skill – Character Level 1 2nd Level Link Skill – Character Level 120 3rd Level Link Skill – Character. Maplestory tyrant guide star force Maplestory tyrant star force Star Force Field. maplestory hyper stats guide evan You can combine your attacks together to create a fusion attack. Welcome to MapleStory&39;s Master Thief Phantom Guide! This is equivalent to a whoppingstat. Your dragon, Mir can attack with its own attacks.

· evan maplestory hero guide. · Hyper Stats are additional bonuses that can increase your character&39;s stats! · Once in a blue moon, there is a very special event as part of Hot Weekends which offers 100% success rate when Star Force evan enhancing equips with 5, 10, and 12 stars. evan I maxed out damage lvl 5 in Ignore def(to reach 71%) lvl maplestory hyper stats guide evan 6 in crit(to keep my 100% >. Regardless, the amount of Hyper Stat Points required guide to level them up per level are the same. · MapleStory Hero Skill Build Guide calendar_today Posted on 27th October MapleStory Hero is a hard-hitting Warrior Explorer that was one of the first classes added to MapleStory. Hyper Stat Calculator.

Increases the amount of EXP you get from maplestory hyper stats guide evan Combo Orbs by 400%/650%. The MapleStory Hyper Stats Optimization Calculator has been reworked. · Increases the duration of Rune’s 2X EXP buff by 30, 50, 70%. Hyper Weapon Defense. If you attack the dragon and deplete the bright green HP area, a shield will appear and pro. Honestly, 7 hits seens ok, with this i don&39;t think you need to put in HP.

All Rights Reserved. Your attackers will alwaysdeal damage to the dragon, even when you are not logged in and when the game is offline for maintenance. Level 140: Rank S 1. · We gain three hyper points when we level up and an additional point, every 10 levels, such as at level 150. It only takes 10 mil to reset your hyper stats, so go ahead and use it to gain a maplestory hyper stats guide evan nice damage boost for a very cheap cost! This guide is applicable for Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief and maplestory hyper stats guide evan maplestory hyper stats guide evan Pirate. Five points are given per level maplestory hyper stats guide evan each time you level up. Hyper Stats > maplestory hyper stats guide evan % damage (gives a lot of range) > % crit chance (definitely maplestory hyper stats guide evan use to max crit if you have over 85% crit) > % boss (unless you have over 220% boss) > % PDR / % min critical / % max crit (depending on which you need.

maplestory hyper stats guide evan ) PDR can be obtained elsewhere and does not need to be taken in hyper stats. Zero card ranks 1. Another note: Ensure you fully charge the stones youâ re given during the 2 hours- it should only take 20-30 minutes per stone and after you complete the job advancement, all 3 stones turn into EXP potions that give about 25% of your EXP bar from 200-201, so itâ s highly recommended to charge them to the max while you can. The bright maplestory hyper stats guide evan green represents the amount of damage your current character can deal, while the purple part represents the amount of damage your attackers can deal.

MapleStory Evan Skill Build Guide: Evan (KR:에반) is one of the six Heroes who is part of the. evan · Some Hyper Stats stops at Level 10 while others evan stops at Level 15. Level 250: Rank SSS.

Foreword: It’s maplestory hyper stats guide evan about 15k words in length so it’s fairly wordy but I believe does a decent job of explaining some of the gear progression mechanics and game knowledge to newer and older players. · Adele&39;s Hyper skills become available at level 140. credits to maplestory hyper stats guide evan evan Knofbath Paladin Trio 1: Blast/Lightning Charge/Heaven&39;s Hammer. You will maplestory hyper stats guide evan gain Hyper Skill Points (HSP) every 10 maplestory hyper stats guide evan levels starting at Level 140 to 200. It is very easy to maplestory hyper stats guide evan use, not too time consuming, and very accurate! 125) Korean Folk Town A Letter from the Library, (Lv. Use of guide on any other site is a form of copyright infringement. Cygnus Knights 1.

1 Level 1 evan Skills 2 Level 30 Skills 3 Level 60 Skills 4 Level 100 Skills 5 Hyper Skills maplestory hyper stats guide evan 6 Link maplestory hyper stats guide evan Skill. When you place your attackers on the grid, they will become part of a Legion Raid, where they are drafted into a battle against an enormous dragon (with varying amounts of health depending on the dragon). 1st place: Legion of Extraordinary Maplers maplestory hyper stats guide evan Chair (displays your Legion&39;s total power) and Legion Rank Mount 2nd - 100th place: Legion Rank Mount.

maplestory hyper stats guide evan There are 5 ranks for each card: B, A, S, SS, and SSS. The larger the level of maplestory hyper stats guide evan a Hyper Stat, the more Hyper Stat points will required to level the Hyper Stat up further: You can reset the Hyper Stats by pressing the Reset button. SuckHard&39;s Maplestory Tools.

You won&39;t be able to max all these skills, however if you make a mistake, you can reset your Hyper Skills later on for a meso cost. When maplestory hyper stats guide evan you enter the battle, the maplestory hyper stats guide evan dragon&39;s HP bar will be shown with 2 colors, bright green and purple. Just curious as to what you guys added for hyper stats. Level 60 (and Second Job Advancement completed): Rank B. Hyper Speed (MAX) 11. However, the last 5 levels of each stat and the Arcane Force stat can only be increased if the character has completed 5th Job Advancement.

Note that only the highest level Zerocharacter will count towards the total level, and any other characters must be at least Level 60 with 2nd Job Advancement completed in order to count for a Legion. This makes jett the de facto best maplestory hyper stats guide evan link skill, having 35 stat and 35 att outclasses all the other ones period. Accessory Crafting Complete Guide Maplestory maplestory hyper stats guide evan 25 Star Update. You will also learn some Tips and Tricks, the skill build you should go for, how to efficiently farm and train, learn. about 1 to 2 stat guide and Att/M.

The character you are on can also join the battle and attack freely, whereas your other characters will be in a fixed position and cannot be controlled by you; there will also be Wyverns that spawn in the map that only your current character can attack, and must be defeated for daily Legion-related quests.

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